Company Profile

MECh Engineers is well established in the Indian Engineering sector since 1986.

We are experienced and expert in design, manufacture & supply of Heavy Industrial & Process Plant Equipment such as industrial autoclaves, chemical reactors, distillation columns, boilers & pressure vessels, shell & tube heat exchanger, condensers and evaporators, tanks & vessels.

The Organizational Objectives are to build long-term relationships and respond quickly & accurately to internal and external customers and understand their changing requirements and to continuously evaluate and improve our products and internal processes with the highest emphasis on safety and the environment.

Products & Services

Process Plant Equipment

  • Autoclaves
  • Chemical Process/Reaction Vessels
  • Distillation Columns/Towers
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Storage Tanks, Vessels & Receivers
  • Custom Built Equipment

Custom Build Machineries

  • Vessels with Agitator Assembly
  • Spherical Ball Digesters
  • Industrial Mixtures & Blenders
  • Product Silos & Dryers
  • Conveyors

Technological & Shop Fabricated Structures

  • Wind-Mill & Parts
  • Furnace & Parts
  • Heavy Crane Girders
  • Custom Built Structures
  • Flue-gas stack/ Chimneys